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Section 4

Ongoing learning and development

Learning, development and training continues throughout people’s working lives.  Your Personal Assistants will need to understand new ways of working or learn about different aspects such as disability equality or mental health for example.

Supporting your Personal Assistants to identify their learning needs and identify how these will be met is a key role for you as their employer. The induction process is the first step of Personal Assistants’ learning and development. It’s important that their learning continues in order to enable them to provide quality support and assistance.

A good opportunity to discuss ongoing learning and development is as part of supervision and appraisal. They are methods of managing how employees do their work and a positive way to support and motivate workers to provide quality care and support.

Supervision is an effective approach to support your Personal Assistant’s development.  Some employers find it useful to do annual reviews to reflect on progress over time.

You can use or adapt the supervision form or example below or other resources developed to support supervision such as Supervising and Appraising Well: A Guide to Effective Supervision and Appraisal for those working in Social Care. It includes information for the social care sector and some useful templates (forms) including a supervision agreement, a record of a supervision meeting and a review or appraisal form. 

Your local direct payment support service or other support organisations may also provide information and guidance.

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