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Section 3

Two women sitting at a table talkingIntroducing your Personal Assistants to their new role

The first few days, weeks and months are very important as your Personal Assistants will be learning what the job is about. A planned introduction or induction can assist your Personal Assistants to settle into their new role, understand what matters to you and how they can support you or the individual requiring support and assistance. It can also help you to consider how to:

  • explain what direct payments are and how they work
  • introduce your Personal Assistants to your home environment
  • introduce your Personal Assistants to others who are part of your life or the individual requiring support including  your family, friends, other Personal Assistants
  • explain and inform your Personal Assistants about their role and responsibilities
  • support your Personal Assistants to gain the skills, knowledge and understanding needed
  • establish a good working relationship based on respect, dignity and trust
  • clarify boundaries such as the difference between an employer and employee relationship and being friends
  • ensure understanding of the terms and conditions of employment

Sometimes a Personal Assistant will have worked elsewhere and already received an induction. However, it is important for each Personal Assistant to have an induction in his/her new role to update their knowledge, help them understand your requirements and help you familiarise yourself with his/her abilities.

You can approach an induction in different ways, but it is helpful to write a plan of what needs to happen, how and by when this should be achieved.  To achieve this you can:

  • use the job description, work contract and the identified outcomes within the plan you have discussed and agreed with your Local Authority as a basis for induction
  • think about the key areas of knowledge and information your Personal Assistant will require such as what to do if there is a fire or why it’s important not to share personal information about you with others. Or you may need support to transfer from a wheelchair and your Personal Assistant will need to know how to assist you with this safely
  • involve other more experienced Personal Assistants, family members or friends who can explain and demonstrate how to help you with tasks
  • discuss what he/she needs to learn to be able to support you or the individual requiring support and identify different ways to gain these skills and knowledge such as training courses, e- learning, reading or following a demonstration
  • discuss any specific requirements he/she has to access learning and agree how they can be supported
  • plan time for explaining how things work, your routines, where you go, meal preparation, going to work, setting limits as to what he/she can and can’t do such as the importance of time keeping
  • plan time for discussion and to ask questions to check his/her understanding 

You can use or adapt the induction form or example below or other resources developed to support induction such as the Social Care Induction Framework for Wales and many direct payments support services have information and guidance.

Download sample documents