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Record of Personal Assistant supervision meeting – example

Personal Assistant name: Carys Stevens



Employer name: Michael Davies


12 January 2015


Progress with work since last supervision meeting

Tasks / Job roles


Work completed

Next steps

Supporting with independence in the community


Supported Mike to identify and attend community class

Find out about other local classes or events of interest

Support with personal care


Increased confidence when assisting with showering, grooming, dressing

Support Mike to achieve some tasks with less support

Opening letters and sorting and confidentiality


Opening letters and filing them safely. Understand the importance of keeping info confidential

Provide assistance to Mike to ensure bills are paid on time






Achievements since last supervision meeting

Supported Mike to build confidence and prepare to go out to local class


Attended first aid training which has given me more confidence to know what to do



Difficulties or problems since last meeting. Agreed actions to overcome them.

Time keeping has been problematic. Discussed the importance of time keeping and the impact that arriving late has on Mike. Child care problems now resolved and time keeping has improved. Agreed that Carys will phone Mike if difficulties arise. Agreed to review situation in 1 month.


Although well intentioned Carys has been ‘taking over’ when supporting Mike with personal care. It is important that Carys takes direction from Mike as to how this should be done and enables Mike to undertake tasks independently.






Progress with learning plans and any other matters agreed at annual review

Specific activities



How has this helped the Personal Assistant carry out tasks?

Has this been of benefit to the individual being supported?

First aid training

Increased confidence & skills

Feel more confident that Carys knows what to do in the event of injury or ill health

Shadow another Personal Assistant to see how Mike likes his food prepared

Increased knowledge and understanding about food preparation

Carys prepares the food I enjoy and understands my nutritional needs better


Any other matters discussed

Carys’ own health needs and the importance of looking after her own health


Holidays – discussed the need to plan holidays or time off so that arrangements for support and assistance can be made in advance





Signed (Personal Assistant)….Carys Stevens…………………………………

Signed (Employer) …… Michael Davies ……………………………………….



Annual Review - suggested topics


Summarise achievements or difficulties over the year and how they have been addressed


Agreed changes and ways of working for the future



Further learning or training required