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Induction plan for Personal Assistant - example

Personal Assistant name: Mari Hopkins


Employer name: Anwen Williams

05 November 2014

A planned induction helps to introduce you to your new role and responsibilities. It provides a structure to plan how you can be supported to acquire, develop and strengthen your knowledge, skills and understanding essential to your role in the first few days and weeks.

Knowledge, skills, understanding needed

How to achieve this?

When and where?

Know about direct payments and how they work

I will inform Mari about direct payments and talk about this. Mari can read the support service website.

Day 1 when having our first discussion

Know how I expect you to support me

We will discuss this and use the job description to help and you can ask questions about anything you are not sure about.

I will explain how I like things to be done, where things are kept and what you should or shouldn’t do.


I will arrange for Julie, my other Personal Assistant, to show you how she supports me with some key tasks. You can then try and I will give you some feedback.

Day 1 when having our first discussion



Day 1 when I guide you around my home


Week 2

Meet others including family, friends, other Personal Assistants

I will introduce you to Julie, Katie (Personal Assistants), my children, my Aunt and friends who are important to me.


Tues & Wed morning

Introduce to children after school

As the opportunity arises

Understand the values and attitudes which I feel are important such as supporting my independence, respecting my language and culture


You can read the Code of Professional Practice for Social Care and we can talk about this.



Week 2



Know about confidentiality including rights to privacy and how to keep confidential information safe

I will explain why it is important for you not to share any information about me with other people and will ask you to sign a confidentiality agreement. I will give you information to read.


Day 3 – discussion at home


Know about safety at work such as how to help me move safely, what to do in a fire, basic first aid and when to seek medical help, safe administration of medication

I have booked a place for you on Moving and Positioning course.


We will talk about how to respond in a medical emergency and confirm training to date.


I will tell you about the medication I take and how you can assist me with this.

Day 4 – training course at local support service





Discussion and demonstration

Understand boundaries such as the difference between an employer and employee relationship and being friends

I will explain the importance of keeping our relationship professional. We can discuss this and agree how we both work to have a good working relationship.



Ongoing learning and development

We will talk about the importance of continuing to learn, develop new skills and knowledge.



Establish contact with local support service to find out about training opportunities