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This toolkit is designed to help you support your Personal Assistants to gain the skills they need to carry out their roles effectively. It also aims to assist you with your responsibilities as an employer to support your Personal Assistants’ learning and personal development.

The toolkit provides valuable information and resources on a number of topics ranging from how adults learn to what training and qualifications may be helpful. It is separated into the following sections:

1.   The benefits of learning and training for your Personal Assistants and you

2.   Preparing to employ the right Personal Assistants

3.   Introducing your Personal Assistants to their new role

4.   Ongoing learning and development

5.   Learning, training and qualifications

6.   How to meet your Personal Assistants’ learning and training needs

You can click on the section that interests you or download or print pages. They include information; guidance; examples and resources. Each section is designed to provide you with practical ways to support your Personal Assistants to be competent and confident in providing the right support and assistance. It also contains additional sections which can be accessed via the tabs at the top of the page.

The Contacts section includes links to relevant organisations, services and websites.

There is a Glossary of the terms which are blue throughout the toolkit.

You can contact us with queries or feedback using the Give us your feedback button at the bottom of each page.

Sample forms, under the Examples tab, include forms you can use to plan or record induction, supervision or learning. There are also examples of completed forms.


A Word version of the entire toolkit is available to download Employer toolkit for supporting the learning of Personal Assistants